1. Progression and learning

    Seeing the children progress and learn is the best feeling. Not just in my class but in the whole school! I love walking by a classroom and seeing all the different activities and how engaged and excited the kids are. I also love walking in the door and seeing a smile on everyone's faces: parents, kids and even employees too!…Read More

  2. Everyday is different!

    My favorite part about working at Cross Timbers is that everyday is different. Everyday something is new or different happens with the children. I love that everyday I can come up with different activities that make my children happy and excited. I love having the opportunity to see that the kids are actually learning and understanding new things.…Read More

  3. So organized!

    I love that Cross Timbers is so organized. Everyday I know what I'm going to be doing and I know that I will be working with the same group of kids everyday. This allows me to really focus on each child's individual needs.…Read More

  4. Management supports every creative idea!

    My favorite part about working at CT is being able to include any extra activity related to the curriculum. I love how management supports every creative idea, helps to get any needed supplies and offers a huge room full of endless supplies. I also love the team work and how management helps when a difficult situation arises. Management cares about the future of this school and does what it takes …Read More

    Jessica Worth
  5. We strive to make families happy

    My favorite part about working at Cross Timbers is that we are one, big growing family. We always strive to make our families happy. We always are working towards ways to improve our school. We have the passion of teaching kids and share the same high hopes and bright future for each student that walks through our doors. Bur mostly, I love the feeling of knowing that this is where God wants me to …Read More

  6. Such a blessing to work here

    Coming to work at Cross Timbers has renewed my love for teaching young children. Being able to come to work everyday and be in a fun & family like environment is a true blessing. I love getting to watch the children learn and experience new things everyday. CT is a great place to be!…Read More

  7. Our hearts are filled with glee everyday!

    Cross Timbers has been a joy... Every gal employed for CT has a strong love for the babies, the children enrolled at CT teach us patience and fill our hearts with glee daily. Not only do you learn from the growing children, but the teachers are there to help one another grow in their own shoes! CT is a wonderful place, child care is not a job; it's a passion and a joyous opportunity helping one gr…Read More

  8. Like a second family

    My favorite part about working here is the harmony. I wouldn't say that I love my job because it isn't a job to me; I get up everyday not dreading going in because it's not the same agenda everyday. CT has become a second little family to me. I love being employed at CT because it's work that matters. We're educating and helping children's education to grow!…Read More

  9. I absolutely love working here

    I absolutely love working here at Cross Timbers because even when your day doesn't start out right, the moment you walk in through the front doors are smiles on everyones' faces! Everyone's so positive and kind!…Read More