As a busy parent, it can sometimes be difficult to pick your child up after school and take the home, or arrange for a friend or relative to do the same. At Cross Timbers Preschool and Daycare in Owasso, we understand the demands on your time, and we also understand that you don’t necessarily want your child going home to a babysitter every day after school. Our after school day care program is designed to provide learning and social interaction outside of the classroom. It’s a safe place where kids can go after school, and we balance each day with both structured and non-structured time.

If your child has homework that you’d like them to complete before they go home, in case you have a family event later that evening, we can provide the space for them to do their studies. If they want to play in a group setting, we provide opportunities for many games, including sports, table games, and arts and crafts. We promote cooperation in every setting, as we want children to interact in positive ways, not fight over whose turn it is or who got to run the last play.

Our after school day care in Owasso provides your child with a snack, the space to play, and the opportunity to make lifelong friends. By the time they’re picked up at 6:00pm, they will have had a full day and you’ll be able to hear all about it. We also offer care when area public schools are closed, so if you need somewhere for your child to go when they’re on break and you still have to work, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more!