Enrolling your child in summer camp can provide many benefits, and if you ever attended summer camp as a kid, you probably remember never wanting to leave. This is because the best summer camps encourage children to grow at their own pace while supporting developmental achievements. Below is a list of benefits your child will receive when attending summer camp.

Physical Activity

Summer camp provides children wonderful opportunities to get physically active every day. Introducing your child to new activities and skills can encourage them to pursue new passions beyond summer camp. At Cross Timbers Summer Camp, we extend your child’s learning and play beyond the classroom with activities like:

  • Music Classes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mini-Golf
  • Photography Classes
  • Cooking Classes
  • Swimming
  • Movie Theater Trips
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Build Confidence

Summer camp provides safe new environments for children, where they don’t feel the same daily pressures of academic, athletic and social competition that they feel in school. Camp can help build your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem through group and individual activities.

Unplug Fraffordable summer camp for childrenom Technology

When children take a break from TV, video games and the internet, they rediscover their individual creativity and engage in the real world with real people. Summer camp can provide your child with artistic opportunities they might not be able to access otherwise. The variety of activities offered at camp makes it easy for children to discover and develop new interests and passions.


If you’ve ever attended summer camp, you’ve probably experienced the joys of joining a tight-knit community where everyone works together as a team. When children share a living space and chores with their peers, they learn the importance of sincere communication and respect while developing their own independence.

Make True Friends

Summer camp provides children an environment that is free of the social expectations and pressures of school. Camp is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to a whole new group of friends from diverse backgrounds.


At summer camp, your child with have various opportunities to work together with other kids for the benefit of something bigger than themselves. They will learn that a team works best as a whole when individual relationships are strengthened.

Develop Independence

If your child hasn’t had much experience away from mom and dad, summer camp can be a great “practice run” for them to start developing their own sense of  independence. Camp gives children the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and experience new adventures.

At Cross Timbers Summer Camp, we believe in providing dependable and affordable child care and summer camp for children of all ages. Our experienced and caring staff will provide your child with age appropriate learning activities to help nurture and encourage individual growth. Contact our child care professionals today to learn more about our programs for toddlers, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, private first grade, before and after school programs and summer camps.