Perfect For Local Elementary School Children

Our before and after school program serves children who attend local elementary schools. Children are supervised from their arrival in the morning until their departure for elementary school and when they return in the afternoon until they are picked up by 6:00 p.m. Our goal for this program is to provide a safe atmosphere for relaxation, play time, homework, and enhancement of the school day. In addition, the program encourages independence, cooperation, sharing and fair play. The program is designed to maintain a delicate balance between structured and non-structured time.

This program includes breakfast and snack for before care and after care, and during all day care includes lunch.

Before & After School Care Also Includes:

  • Outdoor Play–largely available for organized games of baseball, touch football, soccer and basketball
  • Variety in choices of activities, including manipulative material, table games, arts and crafts
  • Quiet Time – there is a quiet area designated for homework and/or reading
  • Receiving assistance with homework
  • Activities which promote cooperation rather than competition
  • Activities which promote mixed-age interaction with peer teaching and role modeling
  • Real tasks which help develop independence, such as helping with snack, planning a project, or helping to clean up
  • Activities which allow for physical and emotional release after a whole day of formal schooling: outdoor activities such as running, jumping, climbing and other gross motor activities; and artistic recreation such as art, drama and painting as well as reading
  • Activities which promote appreciation of various cultures, such as celebration of holidays, and sharing foods and books from other cultures
  • We also offer Care when area public schools are closed
  • We provide service to the following schools: Bailey Elementary, Hodson Elementary, Mills Elementary, Northeast Elementary, Morrow Elementary, and Stone Canyon Elementary.

Contact Our Before & After School Specialists

If your child is attending a local elementary school near Owasso, Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare offers before and after school programs for children who need additional supervision. Our child care specialists are dedicated to providing your child with a safe and relaxing environment to socialize and work on homework assignments in, encouraging individual independence at a young age. We also offer an array of preschool and daycare services including an infant program, toddler program, pre-kindergarten program, private kindergarten class, private first grade and summer camp. If you’re ready to take the next step in your child’s education, schedule a walkthrough of our educational facility today!