We realize the importance of good communication. Cross Timbers uses electronic media to provide you with state-of-the-art communications. Each classroom has an iPad with a program called Tadpoles which enables teachers to create daily reports for every child, every day! These reports include information about daily activities, meals and snacks, diapering/toileting and more! Reports are automatically emailed to you when your child is signed out for the day. We also use our iPads to send pictures every day, and occasionally short videos, so you can stay connected throughout your child’s day.

You can receive your pictures and reports anywhere that you can access your email. There’s even a mobile app available so that you can access it all from your smart phone! The app allows you to provide information to your child’s teacher too which is especially important to our families with infants as it allows families to send information about their child’s last feeding, changing, and how he/she slept the night before, provide notes to the child’s teacher, mark their child absent, view the daily report throughout the day and more. To find out more about the Tadpoles E-Communications system, please visit: www.tadpoles.com