In the first part of our blog, we showed you how enrolling your child in a daycare program can help prepare them for school and give them a group of peers to socialize with. We proceed with the second part in this series, by showing you some of the additional benefits to enrolling your child in a daycare program like the one we have right here at Cross Timbers School in Owasso.

Interact With Adults

In addition to providing your child with an opportunity to make friends and socialize with other children in their age group, it also allows them the opportunity to interact with adults outside of their family. At home, they likely understand that adults are to be respected and listened to, but being as they are young and still developing, making the transition into a more structured and formal educational setting can be difficult, specifically in relation to obeying and listening to their teacher or instructor. If they go straight from being at home with Mom and Dad to preschool, it may be a little bit more difficult for them to grasp the concept of respecting the teacher. Enrolling your child in daycare will help them when they get to school, as they will understand that the teacher and other instructors are to be respected and obeyed.

Peace of Mind

While daycare isn’t a service that all parents take advantage of, some parents have to return to the workplace and have no choice but to put their trust in someone to look after their children. While you could hire a nanny or babysitter, enrolling your child in daycare will give you peace of mind on a variety of levels. You will be leaving your child with experienced professionals who know how to take care of children and tend to their needs. Unlike a standard nanny or babysitter, your child will be in a place that will help them develop both socially and intellectually and provide them with the skills and comfort that they need to take the next step as they prepare for preschool.


Finally, while enrolling your child in daycare comes with many other benefits, arguably the most important one of all is that it allows your child to develop intellectually. While some parents don’t always have the opportunity to invest in their child’s educational development as much as they would like to, sending your child to daycare will put them in a setting that will help them develop and fine tune their basic skills. Studies have shown that children obtain higher cognitive and academic achievement scores when they attend a quality daycare center than those who don’t. You can send your child to Cross Timbers knowing that they will be ready for preschool in more ways than one.

Those are just a few benefits to sending your child to a daycare center. At Cross Timbers School, we provide Owasso with high quality infant daycare services, in addition to preschool, private kindergarten and first grade learning. We are committed to providing your children with the best educational experience possible, helping them develop and reach their best potential. To find out more about our infant daycare services in Owasso, contact Cross Timbers School today.