Cross Timbers School aims to provide parents and children in the greater Owasso area with the absolute best infant daycare, as well as private kindergarten and first grade classes. We want nothing more than for your child to succeed and reach their full potential, and our staff are committed to providing your child with the right environment and instruction to do so. To find out more information about our Owasso infant daycare services, contact us today.

While daycare services seem like an obvious choice for some parents, others may not be aware of the many benefits that your child can gain from attending a high-quality daycare center like the one we have here at Cross Timbers School. In part one of this two part blog, we will look at a variety of ways that enrolling your child in daycare can be beneficial to both you and them!

Prepare Your Child For School

For many kids, aside from the interactions that they have with their family and siblings, their first exposure to spending a considerable amount of time with others is when they start school. Because some children don’t go to daycare prior to attending preschool, this transition can sometimes be a little bit difficult as it puts a child in an atmosphere and setting that they’ve yet to experience. By sending your child to a daycare, however, they will become better acclimated with not only a school setting, they’ll also become familiar with the schedule and structure that they will encounter once classes begin. Being able to understand that different sorts of activities come during different parts of the day will help them once they start school, and having a structured time of day where they have to sit quietly and pay attention will make the transition to school far easier.

Socialization With Other Kids

As we stated earlier, for kids who don’t attend daycare, preschool tends to be their first time spending an extended amount of time away from their home and families. While some kids have more separation anxiety than others, enrolling your child in a daycare program will ensure that they get used to being away from home, while also developing social skills. Because they will be attending daycare with other children in their age group, they will have plenty of time to play, learn, and interact with their peers. This will not only help them become more social and establish friendships, it will make the process of being away from home for an extended amount of time easier, as they will look forward to seeing their new friends at daycare.

Preparing your child for school and helping them socialize with other children are both two great benefits to enrolling your child in daycare. In the second part of this blog, we will look at three more benefits that your child will receive from attending a daycare program like the one we provide at Cross Timbers School. To learn more about our high quality Owasso infant daycare services and more, contact us today.