One thing that you may notice as your infant reaches a few months of age is that they begin to recognize faces more easily. They obviously know who mom and dad are, but they may smile and perk up at the sight of a babysitter or a caregiver. At Cross Timbers in Owasso, our infant daycare is designed to promote familiarity by having the same caregivers hold and watch your babies every day that they’re with us.

As with all of our classrooms, we keep the infant rooms to a smaller size, with a maximum of eight babies at one time, with two caregivers. This provides a 4:1 ratio, meaning that your child gets the attention and interaction that they need to begin developing strong social skills. We know that your child has a routine, and we will stick to that routine as closely as possible. When they nap, they will be placed in a crib that is within sight and earshot at all times, so if they wake up and need changed, no one is ever far away.

Through our Tadpoles App, we can provide parents with a daily report of eating, sleeping, diapering, and other activities so that you can stay up-to-date on everything your child does throughout the day. If there is an oversight that needs to be brought to light, we will gladly discuss it with you, since the security and comfortability of your child are of the utmost importance. We want to provide a positive and nurturing atmosphere, and an infant daycare that parents trust completely.