Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and receive high-quality infant daycare in Owasso because educational experiences are central to their success in school and life. Ninety percent of brain development occurs before a child’s fifth birthday, so we can’t wait until Kindergarten to provide high-quality learning and developmental experiences. The critical years spent in early childhood education programs including child care centers, family child care homes and preschools provide the foundation on which children will succeed.

Many parents feel that having their child feel safe and secure and getting lots of individual attention is the mark of quality child care. A safe, loving, stimulating environment is important. Your child also needs a place to be challenged to learn, reach his potential and eventually prepare for elementary school.

The right place will make both you and your child happy with your selection. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when you visit a program and the reasons why these criteria are so important.

  • Licensing and Other Quality Ratings
    • It means that a child care provider has implemented practices into their program above and beyond required licensing standards. Accredited programs have gone through a process of self-study and outside evaluation and have met even higher standards of quality child care
  • Is It Safe and Healthy?
    • Look around to check that equipment is sturdy, toys are not broken, areas for adults have locks on the doors, and make sure that the provider screens visitors and maintains a list of persons approved by you to pick up your child.
  • Are The Adults Trained To Take Care Of My Child?
    • When visiting a child care program, talk about any types of training caregivers have,  ongoing training opportunities,  and check to see if there will always be someone present trained in CPR and first aid, child abuse prevention, and positive guidance techniques.

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