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The Most Dependable & Affordable

Child Care Provider In the Area


  1. I love working with the sweetest ladies!

    I love working with the sweetest ladies, they are caring and fun to be with. Bosses are fun to work with too. Love taking care of the babies. The daycare is clean and never smells. They take pride in their place for sure. When I ask time off they are super understanding. They are careful with who they hire as well. I would definitely bring my child to Cross Timbers Daycare.

  2. Management supports every creative idea!

    My favorite part about working at CT is being able to include any extra activity related to the curriculum. I love how management supports every creative idea, helps to get any needed supplies and offers a huge room full of endless supplies. I also love the team work and how management helps when a difficult situation arises. Management cares about the future of this school and does what it takes to keep everything running smoothly and the business successful.

    Jessica Worth
  3. Progression and learning

    Seeing the children progress and learn is the best feeling. Not just in my class but in the whole school! I love walking by a classroom and seeing all the different activities and how engaged and excited the kids are. I also love walking in the door and seeing a smile on everyone’s faces: parents, kids and even employees too!


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