Cross Timbers School aims to provide parents and children in the greater Owasso area with a high-quality private education for children in a variety of age groups. From our infant daycare program all the way up to private first grade, Cross Timbers School is committed to quality, providing our students with a fantastic educational experience. Success is our goal here, and our staff works hard to ensure that your child reaches their maximum potential. To learn more about our Owasso private school and daycare services, contact us today.

When trying to determine which school is best for your child, many factors come into play. What environment is best for your child? How is the staff at the school? What sorts of resources does the school have available to them? With this in mind, we’ve decided to make things easier for you and in part one of this blog series, we will be looking at a few advantages that your child will be able to enjoy while attending our daycare, preschool, first grade or kindergarten programs here at Cross Timbers School.

Small Class Sizes Lead to Success

Like most private schools, Cross Timbers School is proud to offer smaller class sizes than those offered in public learning facilities. Having your child in a small class size will provide them with a wide variety of benefits. For one, with a smaller class size comes fewer students that can potentially disrupt your child’s overall learning experience. In larger classrooms, instructors sometimes have difficulty in trying to engage the entire class, but smaller class sizes are far more manageable and allow for an overall more focused and consistent educational environment. Additionally, small class sizes allow the instructor to better understand your child’s needs, allowing them more time to pay individual attention to each student.

Quality and Experienced Staff

Another benefit that comes with attending Cross Timbers School is our wonderfully experienced and dedicated staff. Each one of our staff members is hand selected to possess all of the qualities that we feel all of our educators should have. In addition to being able to provide your child with a top level education, they are also committed to ensuring that your child receives the best possible education. Coupling this with the smaller class sizes as we mentioned earlier, and your child is in an environment that will only encourage their success, development and growth on both an intellectual and emotional level.

Attend an Owasso Preschool and Daycare

Those are just two examples of the advantages that comes with enrolling your children at Cross Timbers School. Whether you’re looking to start your kids off young at daycare or decided that they’re ready to attend the kindergarten program here at Cross Timbers, our Owasso private school facility is here to provide your child with a top-level private education that is committed to their success. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, for all of our Owasso private school needs, contact Cross Timbers School today.