Cross Timbers School is proud to provide students in Owasso with high-quality preschool, daycare and kindergarten programs, as well as first grade and after-school programs. Our private Owasso school provides your child with an environment that encourages their development and growth. To learn more about our school, contact Cross Timbers School today.

In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few of the distinct advantages your child can experience from attending Cross Timbers School. From smaller class sizes that allow for more individual attention, to a high quality and experienced staff of instructors, Cross Timbers School provides your child with a wide variety of advantages that they would not receive by attending a public school. Concluding our blog series in part two, here are a few more advantages that your child can receive by attending our Owasso private preschool and daycare.

Multiple Ages of Classes

Cross Timbers School is proud to offer class sizes for children of a wide variety of ages. From our infant program to kindergarten all the way up to first grade, Cross Timbers School is a great private school for your family. One of the advantages that you can receive by sending your children to Cross Timbers School is the convenience of having all your children in the same place. If your children are within our age range, it’s entirely possible to multiple children enrolled at Cross Timbers, making drop off and pick up incredibly convenient with all of your children in the same place. Additionally, it will make the transition from preschool to kindergarten, and kindergarten to first grade even easier, as your child will be in the same place that they’ve grown comfortable with.

More Learning Days

Another advantage that your child can receive by attending Cross Timbers School has to do with our schedule. Because of us being a private educational institution, we operate on a schedule that’s different from public schools. Because of this, Cross Timbers School has more learning days than public schools. The importance of this is key — the more your child learns, the more they can develop, and the more advanced they will become both intellectually and otherwise. Your child will already be receiving a high quality private education at Cross Timbers School — the fact that they will be in school more days than students at public schools only enhances this fact.

Attend an Owasso Preschool and Daycare Program

Those are just a few more examples of some of the advantages that your children can receive by attending Cross Timbers School. It is our goal to help your children grow and reach their maximum potential. With our hardworking and dedicated staff, smaller class sizes, more days in-class and wide-ranging educational programs, Cross Timbers School aims to provide students in Owasso with a high-quality education to help them grow and develop. To learn more about our Owasso preschool and daycare programs, contact us today. We would love to have your children be a part of our Owasso private school.