If your child is going to be starting kindergarten in the Owasso area next year, make sure you know all of your options! Along with the traditional choice of a kindergarten program at a public school, you should also consider our private kindergarten program. For many parents and children, our program is more convenient and meets their child’s educational needs. Learn more about our program and learn about advantages like smaller class sizes, nutritious food options, and the finest curriculum materials available.

Our program offers a lot of convenience for parents, too. If your child has already been enjoying Cross Timbers for their daycare, they can continue to come to the same facility that they already know and love, minimizing the disruption and stress that many kindergartners feel when they start school. Plus, if you have younger children in our daycare program, they’ll be able to join their older siblings at the same school. That makes pick up and drop off much easier!

For your children, they’ll be taught by experienced teachers using a proven, advanced curriculum. They’ll be prepared for the rest of their education filled with a love of learning and feeling excited about school. Making this first year of school a great one sets them up for success through high school and college.

Explore the options you have for your kindergartner and come check out our private program in Owasso, OK. We’d love to give you and your child a free tour so you can see everything our amazing school has to offer. Call us or contact us through our website today!