In our last blog, we talked about some different things you can do to help get your child ready for kindergarten. Transitioning into kindergarten is a major step in your child’s life, so the more prepared you can help them be, the more likely it is that they will make it through this transition smoothly. Here, we look at a few more ways you can help them prepare.

Communication Cross Timbers School offers a great toddler daycare program in Owasso, OK.

Communication skills are essential for success in life, so the sooner your child can begin developing them, the better. Work with them on listening attentively, and foster their ability to retain and regurgitate information. One simple way to do this is to read them a short story, and have them tell you what it was about at the end. Start with really short stories, and work your way up to longer ones.

Problem solving

In kindergarten, your child will regularly be faced with opportunities to stretch their cognitive abilities. Children who are already learning to understand that failure can be a stepping stone to success will have an easier time tackling the challenges of kindergarten. Work on tasks with your child that are just outside their current abilities.Puzzles are a great teaching tool, because it is easy to use them to show your child how to find the solution when the first thing they try isn’t correct. Encourage your child to ask questions when they are stumped.

With these tips in mind, your child should be well-prepared to tackle their first day of kindergarten head on. If you are still exploring kindergarten education options in Owasso, give us a call. We’d love to walk you through our facilities and answer any questions you might have about our programs. Contact us today!