Cross Timbers School aims to provide parents and children in the greater Owasso area with high quality infant daycare, as well as private kindergarten and first grade classes. We work hard to provide your child with a learning environment that allows your child to reach their full potential, providing them with a unique place that encourages growth and development. To learn more about our Owasso private elementary school, get in touch with us today.

While we are proud to provide students and parents in Owasso with top notch daycare and pre-k services for infants and toddlers, we also offer private kindergarten and first grade classes as well. With many schooling options to choose from here in Owasso, you may be curious as to some of the advantages that a private education can provide your child. In part one of our blog series, we’ll take a look at a few of these, helping you understand why a private school education can be beneficial for your child.

Resources and Materials

While sending your child to a private school comes with an array of different benefits, one of these has to do with the amount of resources and materials that are made available to your child and their fellow classmates. Since state funded schools can only provide your child with whatever resources are factored into their yearly budget, sometimes environments like these can leave children wanting for more, especially in school districts that aren’t as prosperous as others. Private schools, however, usually have more resources than their public counterparts, meaning that they are able to provide their students with more materials and lessons that other schools cannot. Better resources like up to date technology, field trips and other supplementary learning materials can all enhance your child’s overall, and by sending your child to a private school, they can have access to things like these to help contribute to their overall educational success.

A Commitment to Values

While public schools keep a focus on education with no focus on faith, some private educational institutions have a faith based curriculum, which allows your child to grow not only intellectually, but in their faith as well. Cross Timbers School is proud to be one of these institutions, providing our first graders with a variety of lessons from the Bible, helping them better understand it and apply its principles to their daily life.

Private Kindergarten and First Grade in Owasso

Those are just two examples of how a private education can be beneficial to your child. At Cross Timbers School in Owasso, we are proud to provide a high quality private education for all of our students, working hard to ensure their overall educational success. Whether if its in being able to provide more by way of resources for your child, or our commitment to helping them establish a strong foundation of faith, we are committed to your child’s overall success. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our Owasso private kindergarten and first grade classes, get in touch with Cross Timbers School today.