Kindergarten is a foundational starting point in every child’s education. It’s the year when your little one takes flight in a more formal classroom setting and learns to socialize with others all on their own. Kindergartners are encouraged to eagerly explore new concepts and discover their potentials in a more formal classroom setting. When your child attends kindergarten, they will work on foundational learning concepts that will help them along the rest of their educational journey. At Cross Timbers, we understand how important your child’s kindergarten education is, which is why we’ve built a curriculum that caters to the individuality of your child. If you’ve been wondering what your child will learn in kindergarten, below are some of the most important foundational skills your child will explore.

Kindergarten Skill #1: ReadingCross Timbers School offers a great toddler daycare program in Owasso, OK.

When your child enters kindergarten, they will be encouraged to explore the wonderful world of reading. Your child will expand their knowledge by learning how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds and which ones go together to form words. They will be skillfully introduced to letter-sound correspondence, rhyming and phonemic awareness.

Kindergarten Skill #2: Math

Kindergartens will focus on learning the fundamentals of math in exciting and unique ways. They will learn how to count and will focus on learning how to recognize numbers up to ten. There are several fun and creative sorting games that kindergarten teachers use to teach children the concepts of basic addition and subtraction. They will also educate the children on learning how to tell time and use a calendar.

In our next blog, we’ll discuss two more foundational skills your child will learn in kindergarten. If you’re looking for an established kindergarten program in Owasso, you’ll love our private kindergarten program’s amazing curriculum. Schedule a walkthrough of our state-of-the-art educational facility or call us to learn more about our kindergarten program.