When children reach school age, there are many things to consider when deciding where they’ll go to learn. At Cross Timbers, we believe that guiding a child’s development takes a complete approach that covers emotional, social, and academic aspects. At our preschool in Owasso, we employ a theme-based lesson plan that teaches the alphabet, numbers, letters, and shapes, as well as helping form the children’s individual personalities and how to function properly within a classroom and other social settings.

We currently have four preschool classrooms that are separated by age groups. Any child between three years old and five years old is eligible to attend Cross Timbers, and each classroom takes into consideration the age and development of the students. Lesson plans are created to help the children to better develop their motor skills, and there’s plenty of outside play when the weather is nice. They’re also taught responsibility and honesty, so that each student has a positive experience every time they’re here. When the time comes for them to move to kindergarten, we want them to be well-developed and well-rounded students that are ready to take on what’s next.

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child at our preschool in Owasso, please schedule a free walkthrough and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you to see our facility and meet our teachers. We know that you want your child to succeed and learn and at Cross Timbers, we’re dedicated to each and every child that walks through our doors.