When children are put into social situations for the first time, they can sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to their environment. If you child is about to enter preschool in Owasso, Cross Timbers can help them develop the proper problem solving and social skills that will serve them both now and later in life. Starting your child’s academic career on the right foot, and helping them socialize properly and learn how to solve problems that arise will contribute to their long-term success.

By developing these skills before they enter kindergarten and the subsequent grade levels, children can be prepared for classroom situations and assignments. If sharing is an issue, we will help them learn that it’s okay to let someone else play with a toy, or how to play positively with others. If they’re working on a puzzle by themselves or with a partner, we will encourage the critical thinking skills necessary to provide a solution and fit the pieces together. When a child can help themselves without external aid, they learn that they have the capacity to achieve many things.

At Cross Timbers, we want every child to succeed, and our class sizes and curriculum are designed to do exactly that. If you have a child that’s nearly preschool age, contact us today and we’ll discuss all of your school options. You can schedule a walkthrough and meet with staff to see where you child will begin their learning. We look forward to helping your child develop many skills!