As more and more studies are published and more and more data is revealed, we are finding that the first few years of your child’s life before kindergarten may be the most valuable ones. Here at Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare, a great source for preschool education in Owasso, we’ve compiled a great little list on the advantages your child will reap when you enroll them in our preschool.

  • One of the biggest benefits to preschool is that your child learns how to interact with other children. However, the benefit reaches far further than what those few words say. Learning how to interact with other children means learning how to take turns, learning how to wait, and learning how to listen. They’ll also learn how to socialize, and those social skills are crucial to a developing personality!
  • Preschool education is also a great foundation for academic learning. Your child will be introduced to the building blocks they need to grasp phonics through poetry and song as well as reading skills when appropriate.
  • In preschool, children get the opportunity to prepare to learn academics through matching, sequencing, and one-to-one correspondence activities. Plus, they’ll begin to understand basic math concepts during their play with sand, water, and containers.
  • Your child will get the opportunity to watch other children pursue challenging tasks, too, which is also crucial to your child’s confidence and independence.

The presence of other children and the wide variety of materials available with which your child can play are only two big reasons why preschool education is a good thing for them.