dreamstime_xxl_42040733If your child or toddler is having a difficult time adjusting to the routine of going to school everyday, there are a few things you can do to make their transition easier. At Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare in Owasso, our childcare specialists understand how challenging it can be to send your child off to school with tears in their eyes or an anxiety induced tummy ache. While it’s natural for children to get upset about leaving their parents, here are a few tips to help calm your child’s nerves about going to school.

Facilitate Bonding With Teachers

Children need to feel connected to an adult they feel will keep them safe, so it’s no wonder many become upset at the thought of their parents leaving them at an unfamiliar school. In order for your child to feel comfortable in a school setting, they’ll need to transfer their attachment to another adult, preferably a teacher, who can make them feel secure. At Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare, our teachers are dedicated to making your child feel comfortable in any way they can. If we start to notice your child is anxious, we’ll make a special effort to pay extra attention to their wants and needs.

Give Your Child Something To Remind Them Of You

For many young children, the biggest challenge of school is having to say goodbye to their parents. If your child puts up a fight when you drop them off at school in the morning, try to develop a routine that they can get used to. This ritual can be as simple as giving your child a hug and telling them you can’t wait to see them at three o’clock when school is over. Perhaps try giving your child a laminated picture of your family to keep in their backpack so they can take out when they feel lonely throughout the day. Simple acts like these can help your child feel comfortable in a new environment.

Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare is proud to offer a variety of dependable and affordable childcare services in Owasso. Whether you’re looking for a toddler daycare program or a private kindergarten class to enroll your little one in, you’re sure to find the perfect fit at our educational facility. Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough or to learn more about our classes!