Our young preschool is designed to meet the needs of each child socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Our goal is to prepare children for their preschool years and help them develop their communication skills and their ability to share and explore with other children. Children practice skill building, independence and complete potty-training.

Early Pre-Schoolers

Geared toward the developmental milestones and curiosities of younger preschoolers, Cross Timbers Young preschool program provides a variety of learning experiences based on our current theme of study and an array of play-based activities.

Our younger preschoolers engage in at least two large group times each day. During these times, children:

  • Greet each other
  • Sing fun songs
  • Listen to stories
  • Share experiences
  • Play games
  • Discuss the theme-related experiences that are available to them in the classroom that day

Our classroom environment encourages young preschoolers to be independent, allowing them to make choices regarding the learning areas in which they would like to explore and play.

Early Preschool Classroom

  • Dramatic play (where children can dress up and take on family and community helper roles)
  • Blocks and building
  • Manipulatives and math
  • Science
  • Art and creative expression
  • Cozy corner (a soft and calming area where children can go to relax and have time alone if they choose)
  • Literacy
  • Music and movement area

  • Outdoor Experiences

    Children play and learn outside twice a day (weather permitting), and our teachers bring fun games and experiences from the curriculum into the great outdoors. Our playgrounds include materials such as climbers, trikes, and other equipment that promote physical development. After lunch time, our children transition into nap or quiet time where they have the chance to rest their bodies before our fun filled afternoon begins.

    Our Early Preschool Curriculum

    Our preschool curriculum is based on what our children already know about each study topic and what they wonder or would like to learn. Our teachers adapt the available classroom experiences based on their students’ interests in order to scaffold and engage them in learning in ways that are meaningful to them. Our themes and studies range from learning about the different seasons to learning about how living things change and adapt to their environments. Our teachers bring these themes to life by changing the learning centers within the classroom by adding thematic toys, tools, and props. In this way, our themes are incorporated into each learning center.

    We also bring hands-on learning experiences into our centers. For instance, in the spring we watch caterpillars change into butterflies in a classroom butterfly habitat.

    Some of the skills that your child will be working on in our younger preschool program include:

    • Problem solving
    • Creatively expressing themselves through art materials and dance
    • Conflict resolution
    • Making predictions
    • Becoming independent through the development of self-help skills

    Communication with Families

    Facilitating communication between parents and our teachers is one of our top priorities. Daily, parents are given the chance to share pertinent information about their preschooler, such as general disposition and any current special considerations. Throughout the day, our teachers send pictures of our preschoolers engaging in curriculum experiences and socializing with their peers using our communications app. Families can download this app on their smart phone or receive the pictures through their email. At the end of the day, parents also receive a daily electronic report which includes their child’s activities, sensory experiences, art projects, and music and movement activities, as well as all meals, snacks, and naptime notes.

    For your convenience, a bulletin board is displayed outside of each classroom. On it, families can find the weekly curriculum calendar, menus, notices, and other important information.