Even at this early age, children establish patterns of activity that carry on through the rest of childhood. Each new skill lets them progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to more complicated physical tasks. We give our toddlers many opportunities to practice their developing skills while providing supervision, so they stay safe while they learn. Providing toddlers with cuddle and affection is an enjoyable part of our day. A combination of independence and nurturing experiences are provided for our toddlers.

Cross Timbers Toddler program is designed to meet the developmental needs of active younger toddlers as they transition through stages in their development that include increased mobility, the beginnings of more regulated sleeping and eating patterns, and the start of exploration of the world around them. Our toddler’s days are filled with hands-on learning experiences, music and movement activities, and opportunities to independently explore the different learning centers within their classroom.

For younger toddlers, exploration of the world around them is a natural developmental stage. Our Toddler program builds the curriculum around this innate sense of curiosity while focusing on appropriate social, cognitive, physical, and language development.

At this age, children are becoming more curious about their environment. In order to support this, children are free to explore in a classroom that stimulates natural learning. The different learning centers in our toddler classrooms include:

  • Dramatic play
  • Block area
  • Table toys which includes puzzles and
    manipulatives that focus on small muscle movements
  • Art
  • Cozy Lounge play

The toys and props regularly change in each of these areas to promote our current curriculum study. We also read favorite books and sing songs each day during a short group time. Children are encouraged, but not forced, to participate in group time activities.

Toddler Curriculum

Our younger toddler curriculum supports process-oriented art and sensory experiences that promote the exploration of materials and the encouragement of creativity. Through these hands-on experiences, children learn different ways to manipulate materials and to create products of self-expression.

The schedule in our toddler programs is very flexible in order to meet the individual needs of each child. It allows for:

  • Lots of music and large movement activities throughout the day to promote physical development
  • Peer interactions and group projects are encouraged throughout the day to promote appropriate social skills through a positive peer experience
  • Our young toddlers also enjoy outdoor play time twice each day (weather permitting). Our exceptional toddler playgrounds allow teachers to bring curriculum experiences outside

Communication with Families In the toddler room

Facilitating communication between parents and our teachers is one of our top priorities. Daily, parents are given the chance to share pertinent information about their toddler, such as sleeping patterns, eating schedule, general disposition, and any current special considerations. Throughout the day, our teachers send pictures of our toddlers engaging in curriculum experiences and socializing with their peers using our communications app. Parents can download this app on their smartphones or receive the pictures through their email. At the end of the day, parents also receive a daily electronic report including their child’s activities, sensory experiences, art projects, and music and movement activities as well as feedings, naps, and diapering.