Cross Timbers Summer Camp

Our Not So Bummer Summer Program

Whether you’re looking for summer camp or summer care, our “Not So Bummer Summer Camp” has it all! It starts with totally cool field trips that our school-agers help choose and includes great learning experiences through our school readiness program. You’ll have everything you want for your child this summer and beyond.

Our Summer Program Includes:

  • Learn Music
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Play Mini-Golf
  • Learn Photography
  • Learn to Gook
  • Visit an Art Studio
  • Water Fun including Swimming
  • Participate in Outdoor Sports
  • Volunteer
  • Learn to Recycle and Reuse
  • Movie Theatre
  • This names just a few, we have many more!

Fit For Life

We are pleased to offer this summer our innovative “Fit For Life” program — well-body education for all our students. The program teaches the importance of maintaining a healthy body through nutritious eating, good habits and physical activity. Our Sports Camp is a popular feature that provides exercise and fun while teaching sports skills, strategy and social skills, like teamwork.

Compassion and Character-Building

A series of compassion and character-building activities will accompany the lessons each week. Your children will also have an opportunity to participate in guided reflective thinking time each day. Our exclusive “Young Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists” program is a big part of this series. Your young student will enjoy helping to plan, organize and run “businesses” for the purpose of raising money to donate to Charities of the students choice.

Junior Counselors (Ages 11-13)

Our innovative Junior Counselors program is open to children ages 11-13 and teaches leadership, team-building and social skills through activities such as community service, planning activities and mentoring others.

Swimming Lessons (Additional Fee)

Miller Swim School offers water safety and swim instruction to our school-age children in the summer. Their swim instructors are certified lifeguards and teach the children basic swimming skills and other lessons to keep them safe around water.

Summer Camp is grouped into ages upon enrollment. Hours are 7am-5:55pm, ALL field trips and Meals are included. (Students may bring their own money to some events, some events may require sack lunches).

Summer Camp Is Monday-Friday Full-Time Option Only, $185/week all meals, activities,Field
Trips and transportation included.
$95 Enrollment Fee