Children are encouraged to practice creative expression at Cross Timbers Preschool & Daycare in Owasso, OK.While child care programs aren’t necessarily essential to the development of great social skills in a toddler, they can be a huge help. The naturally social environment of the child care programs in our Owasso facility can help toddlers explore social interactions with other children, learning and developing positive behaviors that can help them through their adult lives as well. It’s amazing to see toddlers interact, learn from others’ reactions, and start to develop these important skills. Here are some of the social skills that are fostered in our child care programs:

  • Empathy. Toddlers start to learn empathy through their interactions with the other children around them. Empathy can help us understand why others do the things that they do and sense their emotions. This can be an incredibly valuable social skill later in life.
  • Taking turns. When you are with several other children your own age, chances are not everyone is getting everything at once. Learning to wait their turn is a social skill that toddlers need to learn before they get to the busier environment of school. This is a great place to learn this social skill, especially for only children.
  • Initiating social interactions. Even if it is a simple hi or bye, kids at this age should learn how to initiate social interaction. Being shy is okay, but understanding how to approach and start social interactions is a skill everyone needs.
  • Make friends. For many toddlers, their world starts out small; it may just be mom and dad, perhaps some siblings and other close relatives who they see on a regular basis. Child care programs bring them into contact with lots of new people who they can build new relationships with!

If you are looking for a child care program in the Owasso area, contact Cross Timbers. We’d love to show you around our facility and tell you more about our toddler program. Call us at 918-779-3984 or contact us through our website today.